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Why join Entrepreneurship Nevada?


Entrepreneurship Nevada (EN) supports Entrepreneurial Support Organizations and individuals by fostering communication, collaboration and education.

Since 2013, EN has demonstrated that, with hard work, the ‘silo mentality’ can be replaced with a much more valuable collective mindset. If you want to be in the know about what’s happening within our entrepreneurial ecosystem then join us to continue to build a vibrant community network of entrepreneurial support organizations.

  • It takes an active membership to keep our nonprofit organization vital, relevant and on track with our mission which includes our ability to:
  • Interact with new and existing resources to understand the best ways to support each other.
  • Foster collaboration within the entrepreneurial community
  • Engage with community leaders and members to learn about issues and opportunities affecting business in our region.
  • Provide an open forum to discuss redundancies, gaps, important trends or concepts to help shore-up our entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Reach out to insure a variety of guests from different industries are represented and engaged.
  • Provide an enjoyable networking opportunity each month (donuts included!)


Annual membership in EN is $25. Become a member today!